How Can I Reaffirm My Faith in Jesus?


Do you feel like you have fallen out of touch with your faith? Reaffirming your faith in Jesus Christ can help rebalance your life. Here are a few ways you can reconnect with your faith.

Prayer: Practicing regular prayer is a great way to reaffirm the presence of Jesus in your heart. Prayer focuses your mind and soul on the most important things to be grateful for in life, centering your desires and goals for the better.

Consult with Clergy: Would you benefit from more guidance? Christian clergy train in the art of helping their community members who have strayed from faith find their way make to a compassionate and righteous life. Seeking counsel from your local clergy member is a great way to reach out for help in finding your way back to Jesus, and develop a relationship for continued support in the future.

Reconnect with Family: Connecting with your family is a great way to find your faith in Jesus. Our families are a great resource for endless love and compassion. When those ties sever, we can find ourselves seeking companionship in unhealthy, unproductive ways. Try reconnecting with your family to find your way back into faith.

Bible Study: When you feel like you have gone astray from your faith, seek comfort in remembering that you are not alone. The problems you currently face have plagued others in the past, and probably trouble others around you in the present. Studying biblical stories and texts can help you not only find ways to deal with your problems through understanding the paths others took before you, and the consequences of those past actions, but studying with a group can also help you build a community of likeminded friends, happy to lend their support during your journey.

Christian Pilgrimage: Would you like to take a bigger leap to reaffirm your faith in Jesus? Try going on a Christian pilgrimage. Physically visiting the sites of your Christian roots in the holy land can be a very emotional and motivational journey, perfect for reminding your mind and soul about what truly matters in life. An added plus is that a Christian pilgrimage is a group activity. On your pilgrimage, you are bound to make a gaggle of new friends, equally motivated to reaffirm their faith in Jesus. These new friend can provide you endless support on your journey.

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